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Informed Choiced Pregnancy Care Centre in Moose Jaw, SK



It is the role of the board of directors to carefully review the responsibilities to ascertain which best suit the Center Director’s gifts, talents, and education. The board should be ready to develop committees to respond to those responsibilities not included in the job description, or included in the job description but beyond the reasonable work load for the Center Director. The Center Director position description is subject to thoughtful change pending the progression of a strong volunteer base and additional staff members. 


Objectives of the position: The Center Director has the full responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the pregnancy center. This includes the implementation of the policies and procedures approved by the board of directors within the parameters of the Center's budget.  This includes the training and management of all volunteers and the implementation of necessary programs to meet client needs.  In partnership with the board, the Center Director will be fiscally responsible for the Center and developing community and public relations.  In partnership with the Board, the Center Director will establish and perform sufficient fundraising for the operation of the Center.  This is a permanent part time position.


Reports to: The Board of Directors

Supervises: All volunteers and staff



1.   Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

2.   Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the pro-life position and sexual purity

3.   Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Principle, Statement of Faith, and policies of the Center

4.   Have a bachelor's degree, preferably in a helping field, or related experience equivalent

5.   Have one year of experience as a volunteer or employee in some ministry capacity

6.   Have two years of experience in a helping profession in a position requiring management experience or equivalent

7.    Have two years experience in an administrative position, preferably with supervisory responsibilities

8.    Have experience in fund-raising and public relations development.

9.   Exhibit skill in interpersonal communication, public speaking, problem solving, writing and effective media relations.

10. Be able to provide spiritual leadership, discipleship, and support to the volunteers and staff

11. Be able to carry out responsibilities with no supervision


Essential Functions:


I. Administration


1.  Make prayer an integral part of the day-to-day operation of the pregnancy center

2.  Formulate and revise operational policies and procedures necessary for consistent operation, with the Board of Director approval

3.  Conduct written and oral evaluations of staff and volunteers on the request of the Board of the Directors or as required.

4.  Handle routine business calls

5.  Partner with the Board of Directors to create a responsible annual budget.

6.  Oversee and ensure that accurate and current financial records are kept and reported to the

board monthly

7.  Oversee expenditures for budgeted expenses of Center and oversee purchase requests

8.  Oversee the compilation of statistical reports, accurate record keeping, and monthly

reporting to the board

9.  Coordinate a yearly calendar for the ministry and implementation of special events

10.  Ensure that all Center policies are carried out

11.  Hold consistent meetings with volunteers and staff to be comprised of client and staff needs and progress

12.  Attend all board meetings and present a monthly report

13.  Maintain policies and procedures manual for the operation of the Center

14.  Oversee management of a donor management program

15.  Interact with the Board of Directors to relate client or staff needs, progress of Center, problems, goal setting and implementation

16.  Oversee the data entry of client information

17.  Coordinate an annual appreciation event for staff and volunteers



II. Public Relations


1.  Educate the local community, including churches, pastors, community groups, as well as

the professional community about the pregnancy center ministry with the goal of obtaining support and involvement with the ministry

2.  Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with pastors and churches in the community

3.  Develop and maintain relationships with other ministries/organizations that meet client


4.  Represent the ministry and services of the pregnancy center to the community and the


5.  Develop, oversee, and revise promotional materials used in presenting the pregnancy

center to clients, community, and churches

6.  Work closely with the board of directors to promote public awareness of the ministry

through advertisement and church presentations


III. Development


1.  Plan, conduct, and work with a committee to execute major fundraising events and direct

mail pieces and newsletters each year

2.  Develop and execute a program to appeal to church mission boards for financial support

3.  Communicate with donors on a regular basis

4.  Involvement with visibility, and possible expansion of the pregnancy center ministry in

the community

5.  Obtain feedback and continually assess goals for establishment of effective ministry


6.  Produce long and short-term objectives to accomplish the ministry goals of the center

7.  Develop a yearly development plan


IV. Client Services


1.  Oversee client programs and support services offered by the center

2.  Provide peer counseling and services for clients when staff or volunteers are not available

3.  Ensure peer counselling needs for clients are priority


V. Training

1.  Conduct or assist in conducting/arranging volunteer training seminars

2.  Recruit, select and interview possible volunteers for the ministry

3.  Provide necessary supervision of the in-service training program as set forth in the policies and procedures manual

4.  Coordinate and assist in arranging and/or teaching the volunteer in-service meetings


Resumes should be sent to, by Dec. 10, 2014, with a start date of Jan. 2, 2015



This certifies that CAPSS has satisfied all the requirements and is hereby authorized to use the Canadian Council of Christian Charities' seal of accountability.
CAPSS Charitable #: 880400221RR0001