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  • Partnering with centres across Canada
    Partnering with centres across Canada
    ... we make a difference to them and through them ...
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    Our Mission
    We are a Christ-centred national ministry dedicated to providing support for life and sexual health by partnering with Pregnancy Centres across Canada.
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About Us

About Us

CAPSS was formed in 1997 to provide a Canadian national association dedicated to encouraging, equipping and partnering with local Pregnancy Centres.


We provide leadership development, operational standards, staff and volunteer training along with spiritual encouragement to over 70 affiliated Centres.


We purpose to help assist local pregnancy centres reach and compassionately care for clients facing issues related to unplanned pregnancies, post abortion stress, and sexual health.





Nehemiah – an example of how God accomplishes a mighty work through those committed to Him and the work He has called them to.

Often in life we are faced with difficulty and feel overwhelmed, it is only with the support of our Heavenly Father and those around us that we are able to carry on and fulfill our role and responsibilities. I’m reminded of Nehemiah and his call to rebuild the wall to protect Jerusalem. In fact, there are many similarities between his calling and the work we are called to do in Canada. Nehemiah became aware of the jeopardy facing the city of Jerusalem, he became concerned about its security and he realized it needed protection. In fact, chapter 1, verse 4 says, “When I heard these things, I sat down and wept. For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven.” Nehemiah confessed for not doing his part and after much prayer committed himself to action. He boldly went to work and began to rebuild what the enemy had destroyed. While doing this, he had to be both cautious and courageous and there were many that opposed him. That story parallels the work that CAPSS is doing in Canada. I’m sure many of us have wept and mourned for our nation. Those involved with CAPSS are concerned about the sanctity of all life and realize much work needs to be done to protect and restore lives. With much prayer, we are committed to rebuilding what has been destroyed and stolen by the enemy. We too proceed with caution, as there are many in society that opposes us. However, like Nehemiah, we know that we can be courageous because God is on our side and He equips us to do the work that He has called us to. The people that persecuted Nehemiah used many of the same tactics that are being used against CAPSS and our affiliated centres today. In Nehemiah, the enemy sent in spies, tried to discredit him by spreading rumours, and looked for a breach in the wall where they could attack. This has certainly been the experience for CAPSS! Those opposed to the work we do also send in spies to pregnancy centres, they start rumours about what we do in an attempt to discredit us, and they are on the constant lookout for areas where they can attack. Satan continues to use the same tactics! The work that was required of Nehemiah was a huge task and it required everyone to be involved. It required great resources and round the clock commitment. Satan tried to discourage him with the enormity of the task. He also used people to try and distract him, to lure him away from his calling. Our response must be the same as Nehemiah’s. He stayed focused and committed to what he was called to do. He knew he must complete the work and he would not let anything distract or discourage him. In chapter 6, verse 3, Nehemiah declares, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.” He knew what was at stake – the security of Jerusalem, the heart of God’s people. We also know what is at stake – precious lives, destinies. Satan tries to rob them before birth and if he is not successful at that, he tries to destroy them in life. We are called to make a difference and make a spiritual investment - to protect the sanctity of life, those unborn and those born. We are doing a great work and we cannot, we must not, stop. Similar to Nehemiah, this is a huge task and it requires everyone to be involved. It requires great resources and round the clock commitment. At CAPSS we are committed to establishing pregnancy centres across Canada and we are committed to equipping and encouraging these centres to do this great and difficult work. We cannot do this alone – we need your prayer and your financial support. Will you make a spiritual investment and continue to support us in this battle? In the last 5 years at CAPSS affiliated centres: • 5,089 abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable clients have received education and support • 6,734 clients have heard the gospel message • 8,967 clients have carried to term = precious lives saved! We can be encouraged by these statistics! Together we are making a difference – the ‘’walls’’ are being rebuilt and lives are being protected! Like Nehemiah 6:16, my prayer is that people will see that this work was by done by our God and it will be for His glory. Please consider supporting CAPSS today and help us to complete the work that God has called us to. To donate now, click on the link above, or mail your donation to CAPSS #304, 4820 Gaetz Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 4A4. Thank you for supporting this vital work! Partnering for Life, Lola French Executive Director
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