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  • Strength that Endures
    The 2015 CAPSS Conference will be held in Vancouver, BC, April 14 - 17, with Early Track starting at 9 AM on Monday April 13.
  • Partnering with centres across Canada
    Partnering with centres across Canada
    ... we make a difference to them and through them ...
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  • For the Love of Life
    Please join us in partnering in “FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE CAMPAIGN.”
  • Our Mission
    Our Mission
    We are a Christ-centred national ministry dedicated to providing support for life and sexual health by partnering with Pregnancy Centres across Canada.
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About Us

About Us

CAPSS was formed in 1997 to provide a Canadian national association dedicated to encouraging, equipping and partnering with local Pregnancy Centres.


We provide leadership development, operational standards, staff and volunteer training along with spiritual encouragement to over 70 affiliated Centres.


We purpose to help assist local pregnancy centres reach and compassionately care for clients facing issues related to unplanned pregnancies, post abortion stress, and sexual health.


 CAPSS Annual Update - 2013




For the Love of Life

For the Love of Life

At the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS), we understand the pressure a woman can face to have an abortion and the overwhelming emotions an unplanned pregnancy can cause. CAPSS affiliated pregnancy centres are the hands and feet of service to those in need during an unplanned pregnancy, adoption and post abortion grief. They are the instruments that pour healing oil on their wounds and offer them practical, life affirming support. That is why the work of the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS) is so vital in equipping Centres to serve with excellence. A major donor and a Family Foundation have joined forces to offer CAPSS a matching grant of $43,000 to help our national organization grow and be strengthened with more “partners for life.” That means that your donation and participation in this campaign could help us meet our goal of raising $86,000 this fall to encourage, equip and establish pregnancy centres across Canada. Please join us in partnering in “FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE CAMPAIGN.” Here’s how you can help 1) Create a Giving Group and fundraise within your network: Creating your own Giving Group fundraising page is quick and easy. Talk about why you are joining CAPSS in raising funds For the Love of Life campaign and what your fundraiser is all about. You can even customize your page with a goal, photos and videos. 2) Engage your friends: Ask friends, family and co-workers to make a donation with a simple email invitation or through social media. The group comes to life as people join and begin giving, sharing and adding to the conversation 3) Make an impact: All the money you raise in your Giving Group will be matched dollar for dollar and will be sent to Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS). Be apart of helping CAPSS equip centres to serve women in need with excellence. To join this campaign as a fundraiser / giving group or to make a donation on line simply go to this link and follow the prompts at the bottom of the page, or mail your donation directly to CAPSS. Life Decisions require Life Support, your donation will have a life changing effect! Thank you.
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For the Love of Life Donations

Click here to have your donation double through the end of December.


Read our blog for information on our for the Love of Life Campaign.

A Respectful Rebuttal to a Disrespectful Report

In 2009, an abortion activist posted online a report titled, Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centres in British Columbia. The report is replete with inaccuracies and false allegations.

Clients or agencies looking online for a crisis pregnancy centre (CPC) can easily come across the report and its allegations. Readers are at risk of being misled when they need clear and accurate facts.

The false claims include medical misinformation about abortion risks, deceptive advertising and unethical peer counselling tactics.

CPCs in British Columbia do not engage in the conduct as alleged in the report.

A Respectful Rebuttal to a Disrespectful Report  is a comprehensive rebuttal published by the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS), a national pregnancy care centre best practice organization.

CAPSS affiliates provide compassionate, non-judgmental client care. CAPSS affiliates will never knowingly misrepresent their services.

Brian Norton, the author of the rebuttal document, is a board member of CAPSS and serves as executive director of two CPCs in British Columbia.

Referenced with over 150 footnotes, the 55-page rebuttal is a point-by-point refutation of the allegations as they apply to crisis pregnancy centres in British Columbia. This publication identifies 20 of the most disturbing allegations and demonstrates, conclusively, that each one of these claims is false.

Click here for your copy of the rebuttal.


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